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Japanese Antique Cashbox with 1 Key 2 Combination Dials Matsui Kinko Seisakusho Fuyo


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LOT: 1005
SKU: JCS10009
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Product Description

Here is (1) original antique Japanese Cashbox. The front of the box states the following: Matsui Kinko Seisakusho Fuyo There are two rotary numbered dials and one wheel (possibly an alarm). You will also receive (1) original key. The box is metal. Lots of patina with rust and abrasions seen to the box and to the key. The box hasn’t been opened by me. I tried to open it but was able to do so. The metal wheel on the front is possibly over wound if it is an alarm. There is damage to that wheel seen on the back stem. The wheel doesn’t sit straight and it wobbles so it might be broken more than the small broken piece of metal on the stem. The box is green. Lots of wear to the box. Paint is chipped. The handled looks good and strong. The time period of this box might be after WWII? I don’t know. The box appears to have something in it that rattles slightly but I don’t think that there is money or anything of value inside. Many of the metal boxes contained a wooden tray inside. Since I can’t open the box without damaging it more anymore than it already appears to be. I will leave it up to the buyer of this box. The box has English and Japanese writing on it. So I’m guessing this item was made after WWII. Please see the photos. This item is offered for sale as shown and as described! It isn’t a recent cashbox.  


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